Frequently Asked Questions
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These are our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed here, please go to our Contact Us page for our phone number and email options. Please click on the questions below for the answers.

What kind of water is it?
Rain Fresh® is classified as purified water. Because of certain proprietary steps, such as the magnetic treatment and oxygen-enrichment, Rain Fresh® could be termed an "enhanced water" or "functional beverage". These terms have become buzzwords in the beverage industry recently. This was not the case when we began manufacturing over 30 years ago. To our knowledge we are the originators of this processing for our industry.

As yet no standards have been set for oxygen-enriched waters by the Department of Health. Please note oxygenation is not the same as oxygen stabilization. Certain water treatment processes oxygenate the water, but this does not mean the oxygen is available in the product.
How do you purify your water?
Rain Fresh® goes through a rigorous purification process which includes:
  • Sediment filtration
  • Carbon filtration
  • KDF filtration
  • Ultraviolet light treatment
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Ozone
  • Vortex column
  • Oxygen enrichmen
For more detailed information on the Rain Fresh® purification process, please go to menu above and click on the Our Purification Process tab.
Does Rain Fresh® contain fluoride?
No. Some dentists recommend fluoridated water. This is a highly controversial topic as even pro-fluoridation scientists will admit that no properly conducted research has shown that fluoride prevents cavities. On the contrary an Internet search will bring up many studies citing negative effects of ingested fluoride.
Can I use Rain Fresh® for my fish tank?
Yes. Some of our customers do use Rain Fresh® for their pets (fish, dogs, cats, etc.). The dissolved oxygen in our water is actually really good for fish.
What makes your water different than other waters?
It is ultra-pure; oxygen enriched and has a distinct taste. Our water has less than 10 ppm of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). This means there aren't any chemicals, minerals, metals, pesticides, etc. in it. Spring waters usually contain more than 250 ppm TDS. Mineral waters must contain at least 250 ppm TDS to be considered mineral water. Many people can also distinguish Rain Fresh® by its taste; it has a sweet taste unlike other waters. There is reason to believe that some of the crisp sweetness of our water is from the added oxygen.
Is your water distilled?
No. Although Rain Fresh® and distilled water are both physically pure at less than 10 ppm, we do not use a distiller as part of the process. To learn more on the reasons why, please go to the menu above and click on the Compare Water Types tab.
What is the initial water source?
Our water comes from the Garland municipal source. Unfortunately due to widespread pollution we have seriously compromised the quality of our air, soil and water worldwide. How else do you explain the presence of PCB's in penguins in the Antarctic? Truly pure uncontaminated water sources are few and not easily accessed.

The solution we believe is to duplicate the processes of nature to make the water we were meant to drink. In truth, it doesn't matter where we get our source water because our purification process is so thorough that no matter what the source water, the end result will be the same clean sweet water we always make.
Do you sell other types of water?
No. From our research and consultations with health practitioners we believe very pure water with oxygen was the water which primitive man caught in cisterns and drank as the Fresh®est source available. This is the only water we produce.
How often do you deliver?
Residential and commercial customers are on 4-week rotations. Exceptions are made for high volume users and under special circumstances. We are trying to do our part to protect the environment by making fewer trips.

Wholesale accounts are normally delivered weekly. If you run low between deliveries a Fresh® supply can be found at one of the stores listed under Find A Retail Store.