Our proprietary process makes Rain Fresh® Water the best in the world! We are not just blowing our own horn. (Okay, yeah we are - but with good reason!) We won 1st place in the longest-running, most prestigious water-tasting competition- the Berkeley Springs 2013 International Water Tasting Competition!


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Why Rain Fresh® Water?

Your body is the most amazing, complex filtration system ever created! Over a lifetime of caring for you - filtering out harmful substances, chemicals and poisons - parts of this system may start to break down. You can restore & maintain vitality by providing your body with pure water and whole, fresh foods.

As the world becomes increasingly health-conscious, new & revamped health products seem to be proliferating. The makers of these products all tell us that what they offer is "the way" to maintain a good physical condition. Even water, a seemingly simple product, is categorized based on where it came from and how it has been treated.

For information on the basic types of water, their pros and cons, and how they compare with Rain Fresh Water, please go to Compare Water Types.

Rain Fresh® falls under the category of a purified water. Our process mimics the steps in the hydrological cycle which God created to ensure the purity of water. The earth has been seriously polluted since the Industrial Revolution. It is because pollution is widespread on many fronts that we use a very involved process to treat the water for a variety of contaminants. For detailed information on the Rain Fresh purification process, please go to Our Purification Process.

If you have additional questions, please go to our F.A.Q. page.